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We’re a bi-coastal specialty camera systems company.  If your production is on the east coast, west coast or anything in the middle, we’ve got you covered.


“After years of working with different arm car crews, we found a real synergy with the Floomboom team. They are just as excited as we were to go out and create shots that haven’t been seen before. As a filmmaker, it’s the dream to have everyone on your team going the extra mile”

- Nick Martini, Stept Studios


"Colin and Floomboom exceeded all expectations. They went above and beyond to make sure they captured each the shot. Such a great team. Can’t wait for our next production with them"

- Road Scholars


"Floomboom crushed the Lincoln car commerical my company produced, they push the limits when it comes to car to car work"

- Guerilla Capturing

Latest Work

Floomboom Camera Systems

Production Services

Camera Car

Toyota FJ Cruiser w/custom camera car crane, we call it Floomboom. Can handle speeds up to 100mph and boom rotates 360 degrees in 3.4 seconds.

Production Services

Filming in Colorado? We are your local service production company. Floomboom has what you need from union & non-union crews, G&E trucks, cameras & a deep rolodex of excellent professional vendors.

Equipment Rentals

We have an arsenal of equipment from Freefly system gimbals to Arri Mini LF's and excellent glass.

Production Supplies

Need tables, tents, chairs or Walkies? We carry it all. Motorola CP-200, pop-ups, drink dispensers, heaters etc.

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Floomboom's Team

Colin Floom


Luke Askelsonn


Courtney Kristan